• 03.08.2020
  • Czat na żywo/webinar

Information Session: What is the HubSpot Coding Challenge?

Information Session: What is the HubSpot Coding Challenge?

Join Lorcan O'Neill (Staff Software Engineer at HubSpot Dublin) who is going to hold an information session for students on the HubSpot Coding Challenge. The Technical University Recruitment team think this will be a really useful session for any students or graduates who are preparing to take the challenge for our recruitment process.

Lorcan will cover frequently asked questions like :

What does the assessment involve?

Are there any special requirements?

What do I need to know to perform well?

What are the rules of the assessment?

How are the assessments evaluated?

How do I find out more?

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to Steph Byrne (Senior European University Recruiter) on: sbyrne@hubspot.com or Bridget LeMon (Team Lead, Technical Campus Recruiting - North America) on: blemon@hubspot.com

We hope to see you online for the information session!

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